Sharbel guarantees a high level of services for each of the clients and captains

Register now as a captain in Sharpel and your income will not be less than 10,000 pounds per month.

About The App

The first application in Egypt which you can invest your car as Wedding cars, trip buses, or long-distance cars, in addition to classic cars

Wedding cars

Upload 4 photos of your car and define the preferred color & model. The user will define the date and place of the trip and the goal of booking is wedding, travel, or both.

Trip buses

Determine size of the trip bus if it can accommodate 11 - 15 - 24 - 28 - 50 passengers. upload 4 photos of the bus, and write the description, model and color in the space provided for it in the application.

Long-distance cars

Long-distance cars start from 60 km and they are allowed to travel within the governorates of Egypt.

You are the winner with Sharbel

Invest your money and earn 10,000 L.E per month with Sharbel as a minimum.

App Screenshots

Download the app Now and follow the steps shown in the following pictures



An excellent app..I earned 15,000 L.E last month with Sharbel.


I invested my bus with Sharbel without any efforts .. Thank you, Sharpel.


Captain Sharbel is the best captain in Egypt .. my car came back after the trip without any scratch.

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